The main steel mace train movements, which mean strengthening groups of muscles rather than just one muscle in isolation.

Unlike most traditional resistance training methods, most macebell exercises tend to work across all 3 different planes of motion:

  • Sagittal (forwards and backwards)
  • Frontal (side-to-side)
  • Transverse (rotation)

This is of particular benefit because the human body naturally moves three dimensionally in all three planes.

Functional exercises improve a person’s ability to cope with the demands of their work or sport environment. The degree of functionality depends on what your client does in everyday life.

Hip extension movement is an important aspect of everyday living. We contract our glutes and hamstrings when we are walking, sitting down and lifting objects.

Training the posterior chain is not just for somebody that wants to get fit for sport, its also valid for anybody that wants to maintain a strong, active and healthy body.

Therefore we want to encourage hip extension through compound exercise as it is very functional to our everyday lives.

Steel maces are particularly good at strengthening and dynamically loading the hip muscles. The dynamic control needed to accelerate and decelerate a macebell swung at speed relates to many sports and helps develop shoulder and hip strength, stability and flexibility.

Macebell training can also help improve coordination and agility.

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